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N / Nelly & Fergie-Party People

Nelly & Fergie-Party People
11.10.08 10:43

Nelly feat Fergie-Party People




Let’s go. (Ay) (Ay)
St. Louis
Derrty ENT
Let’s go
I told ya Im gon’ change the game
LA all day
They cant stop ya boy
I get money
Ya'll motha******s aint ready

Just walked thru the door
what's it gonna be,
I can't get to the floor
boys all over me.
Where my party, pa’ party party pa’ party people at?
Where my party, pa’ party party pa’ party people at?
Just walked thru the door
what's it gonna be,
I can't get to the floor
girls all over me.
Where my party, pa’ party party pa’ party people at?
Where my party, pa’ party party pa’ party people at?

It's Nelly(MUTHF**KA!)
Comin straight up out the Lou
and all you New Edition-ass rappers better cool it now
for I make a fool of yall',
paper stacked as tall as Yao Ming
look at the bling
settings in rings
lookin like basketballs.
[2nd time (Chopped & Screwed voice)]

Just walked thru the door
what's it gonna be,
I can't get to the floor
boys all over me.
Where my party, pa’ party party pa’ party people at?
Where my party, pa’ party party pa’ party people at?
Just walked thru the door
what's it gonna be,
I can't get to the floor
girls all over me.
Where my party, pa’ party party pa’ party people at?
Where my party, pa’ party party pa’ party people at?

(Nelly & Fergie)
Where my party people at ?! (x8)

Well it's Fergie (MUTHAF**KA!)
Comin straight from CalifornIA
stuntin in my loc locs.
Dreamin bout me M.I.A.,
boyfriend wonderin where I'm at,
cause I'm in the spot spot.
Why he always tryin to be puttin me down on lock lock ?
[2nd time (Chopped & Screwed voice)]

Just walked thru the door
what's it gonna be,
I can't get to the floor
boys all over me.
Where my party, pa’ party party pa’ party people at?
Where my party, pa’ party party pa’ party people at?
Just walked thru the door
what's it gonna be,
I can't get to the floor
girls all over me.
Where my party, pa’ party party pa’ party people at?
Where my party, pa’ party party pa’ party people at?

Patiently waitin & takin my time
watchin these haters
don't come with they rhymes
watchin these suckers are mimickin, gimmickin
then they start fallin off one at a time.
You can go search but you never could find,
I promise you derrty I'm one of a kind.
Mold is broken, the formulas mine.
I killed the idea and destroyed the design.

I was patiently waitin & takin my time
Now that I'm here I'm gettin my shine.
All of you haters can kiss a behind,
specifically speakin I'm talkin bout mine.
Don't need you to tell me, I know that I'm fine.
I'm killin it baby so call it a crime.
Yea you watch it I'm stealin my time
I told you before that big girls don't cry.

(Fergie Speaking)
I look up at the star, girls don't f**k as hard.

Just walked thru the door
what's it gonna be,
I can't get to the floor
boys all over me.
Where my party, pa’ party party pa’ party people at?
Where my party, pa’ party party pa’ party people at?
Just walked thru the door
what's it gonna be,
I can't get to the floor
girls all over me.
Where my party, pa’ party party pa’ party people at?

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